OpenMORDM is an open-source R library for Multiobjective Robust Decision Making (MORDM). Core features include:

  1. Connecting to models written in R or compiled as executables;
  2. Defining uncertain and deeply uncertain model inputs;
  3. Evaluating the model across many hypothetical states of the world (SOWs);
  4. Identifying potential robust designs using customizable robustness criteria;
  5. Characterizing vulnerabilities of designs using PRIM or CART;
  6. Evaluating tradeoffs among designs using various visualization tools; and
  7. An interactive, web-based visualization toolkit for sharing results

For more information or to download the source material, please visit the OpenMORDM page on GitHub.


OpenMORDM interface


The design of OpenMORDM and a walk-through of applying MORDM to an environmental model is detailed in the following journal article:

Hadka, D., J. Herman, P.M. Reekd, K. Keller (2015): An Open Source Framework for Many-Objective Robust Decision Making. Environmental Modelling & Software, 74, 114-129, DOI: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2015.07.014.

Download the supplementary materials. Refer to README.txt within the ZIP file for setup instructions.


OpenMORDM is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later.

This work was supported by the National Science Foundation through the Network for Sustainable Climate Risk Management (SCRiM) under NSF cooperative agreement GEO-1240507.