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About the Film

The half-hour PBS documentary, “Managing Risk in a Changing Climate”, takes viewers to coastal Louisiana, where threats associated with climate change leave communities like New Orleans facing tough choices under deep uncertainty. The film was produced by WPSU under the guidance and support of the Network for Sustainable Climate Risk Management (SCRiM).

Featuring some of the nation’s leading climate experts and a diverse array of stakeholders from the New Orleans region, the documentary investigates how decision makers can better inform choices about managing risk from rising sea levels and storms by working with researchers and community members.

The film captures the many scientific disciplines that come together to help address the economic, social, environmental, and ethical issues associated with managing risk in a changing climate.

Premiere Screening

“Managing Risk in a Changing Climate” premiered during Earth Week on Tuesday, April 18, at the State Theatre in downtown State College, PA.

The event featured a Q&A panel discussion with Penn State scientists and leading climate experts Richard Alley, Klaus Keller and Erica Smithwick, and the film’s director, Kristian Berg.

  • Richard Alley
    Richard Alley
    Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences
  • Klaus Keller
    Klaus Keler
    Professor of Geosciences
  • Erica Smithwick
    Erica Smithwick
    Associate Professor of Geography
  • Kristian Berg
    Kristian Berg
    Producer/Director, WPSU Penn State

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